I am a writer, researcher, artist, teacher, and mentor.


Sketchnoting is a relaxing practice (learn how!) that captures ideas in images and text. I sketch about mathematics education.


I design, study, and write to better understand how to characterize and support students’ meaningful learning of mathematics education. (CV)


Teaching, learning, and research are symbiotic processes. My work focuses on linking research and practice to support meaningful learning and culturally responsive education.


Math Ed Sketchnotes

I utilize sketchnotes to share theories and practices relevant to the field mathematics education and culturally responsive education.

What, Why, How

Sketchnoting is a relaxing practice that aims to capture ideas in images and text in an engaging way

Learn to Sketchnote

Sketchnotes combine image and text as a unique visual synthesis. No pre-requisite experience is required.

Teaching and Mentoring

Culturally Responsive Education

Center student voice through cultural competence, build caring teacher-student relationships as a grounding for academic achievement, and cultivate critical consciousness to transform educational opportunities.

Teaching Statement

As a teacher my goal is to support students’ rich opportunities to learn meaningful mathematics. I ground my practice in research and theory on learning, teaching, and equity in mathematics education.

Mentoring: Job Search

Choosing a career in academia can be a rewarding journey.

I’ve spent a lot of time on the job market. I’ve captured some processes, products, and guiding questions that I’ve found productive to help me along the way.

Mathematics Education


I design, study, and write to better understand how to characterize and support students’ meaningful learning of mathematics education. (CV)

Nicole L. Fonger

Linking Research & Practice

Theory and practice go hand in hand. I’m on a quest to engage in critical conversations to strengthen these connections, and take action toward a shared vision for improved mathematics education for all students.


Writings on life from the perspective of a heart centered yogi mama, mindful educator, writer, mother, curator of joy, healing artist. I also blog about connection, authenticity, expression.

  • An Equity Lens (in Sketchnotes)
    Equity lenses help to better understand and situate both broad issues in mathematics education, as well as approaches to addressing inequities and injustices. In this series of sketches, I explore one lens on equity developed by Rochelle Gutierrez, and relate this to other perspectives by Christopher Emdin and Bettina Love. While the sketches are my own, I draw on the ideas of other scholars and thought leaders to inform these visualizations.
  • Being, Rain.
    In a state of being, I notice. I breathe. I experience sensation in my body. I pause to listen to what I need.
  • Cultivating Joy.
    Cultivating joy means noticing when I’m joyful, and when I’m not. It means accepting what is, and living with an intention to cultivate joy.

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