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Hi. I’m Nicole.

I link research and practice to support students’ meaningful learning of algebra in urban public schools.

Based in Syracuse since 2017, I am a dedicated parent, community member, artist, writer, and math education professor.

Nicole L. Fonger

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Curriculum Vitae

Math Ed Sketchnotes

Linking Research and Practice

Antiracist Algebra Coalition

Culturally Responsive Education



Meaning is a creative act.

Nicole L. Fonger

My latest work

I network metaphors for linking research and practice with an equity lens to examine effective communication for linking research and practice. #AERA21 View the PDF of the presentation or paper.

Exploring the Intersection of Antiracism & Algebra

How is the gatekeeper role of algebra intertwined with racism? I’m building an Antiracist Algebra Coalition a team of folks dedicated to racial justice in Syracuse, NY. Join us! View a PDF of the project aims here.

A Learning Trajectory for Quadratic Function

Together with Dr. Amy Ellis and Dr. Fatih Dogan, we developed a learning trajectory for quadratic function. Read the article here.

Math Ed Sketchnotes & Zines

I sketch my own ideas and the ideas of others. I focus on sketching about learning and teaching algebra in mathematics education to link research and practice. I also create #zines like this one on equity and redlining.

A Heart Centered Lens

This study suggests the possibility of using creative artistic expression to support the transformation of educators’ perspectives… Read the article

Culturally Responsive Education

I draw on the perspectives of thought leaders to explore What is reality pedagogy (Christopher Emdin)?What is an equity lens in mathematics education (Rochelle Gutierrez)? Read More.

Linking Research & Practice

Theory and practice go hand in hand. I’m on a quest to engage in critical conversations to strengthen these connections, and take action toward a shared vision for improved mathematics education for all students.

Teaching and Mentoring

Culturally Responsive Education

Center student voice through cultural competence, build caring teacher-student relationships as a grounding for academic achievement, and cultivate critical consciousness to transform educational opportunities.

Teaching Statement

As a teacher my goal is to support students’ rich opportunities to learn meaningful mathematics. I ground my practice in research and theory on learning, teaching, and equity in mathematics education.

Choosing a career in academia can be a rewarding journey.

I’ve spent a lot of time on the job market. I’ve captured some processes, products, and guiding questions that I’ve found productive to help me along the way.


Math Ed Sketchnotes

I utilize sketchnotes to share theories and practices relevant to the field mathematics education and culturally responsive education.

What, Why, How

Sketchnoting is a relaxing practice that aims to capture ideas in images and text in an engaging way

Learn to Sketchnote

Sketchnotes combine image and text as a unique visual synthesis. No pre-requisite experience is required.

Writings on life from the perspective of a heart centered yogi mama, mindful educator, writer, mother, curator of joy, healing artist. I also blog about connection, authenticity, expression.

  • Syracuse Truth Seekers June 10 2023 Event
    Join us at the Nottingham H.S. Courtyard (3100 E Genesee St, Syracuse, NY) on June 10, 2023 from Noon-2PM for an Education and Advocacy Event focused on Lead Poisoning Prevention. Sponsored by the Syracuse City School District Office of Family Engagement at Nottingham High School and Syracuse University. Stay tuned for details!
  • Culturally and historically responsive math tasks.
    Here are the most recent iterations of the math tasks we use with youth and young adults. These lessons were collaboratively developed by the Antiracist Algebra Coalition, the Data Warriors, and the Meaningful Math Research Group at Syracuse University. Social and Environmental Justice Math Tasks Highway 81, Redlining, and White Flight, Population Trends, Linear FunctionsContinue reading “Culturally and historically responsive math tasks.”
  • Cultivating math genius.
    How do you cultivate students’ math genius? Through intentional designs for learning that build skills from students’ identities, that grow intellect and criticality, and that spark joy.
  • A Sense of Place.
    Teachers, students, education leaders, and researchers in Syracuse, NY came together at Cafe Sankofa on May 7, 2022 for “A Sense of Place” event.
  • Evoking Emotion in a Math Lesson.
    This post features the images and prompt that high school math teachers used to engage students in evoking emotion in a math lesson on highway revitalization in Syracuse, NY.
  • Vision Board.
    This vision board was created by Ken Keech, Betty Routhouska, and Nicole Fonger with support from the Antiracist Algebra Coalition and the Meaningful Math Research Group at Syracuse University students Waleed Raja, Khadija Sharif, Daslin Peña, Emmy Njue, Abigail Erskine and Mathematics Instructional Coach, Tracy Mosier of the Syracuse City School District Mathematics Department. ThisContinue reading “Vision Board.”

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