Learn to Sketchnote

Sketchnoting is an active process of visual note taking.

Learn the Sketchnote Process
When creating sketchnotes at a live event or talk: 1) Prepare by arriving early and getting to know the speaker, 2) Listen intently and mindfully to the speaker’s perspective, capturing big ideas, 3) Seek to combined text and images to integrate ideas, and 4) Add your personal style and share your sketch.

While engaged in sketchnoting, remain curious and open to the experience. Let go of any judgement, and see where your pen takes you. Focus on fun!

Sketchnoting norms and mindsets
Sketchnoting can be an engaging and rewarding practice that relaxes your mind and body. Release judgement and allow your mind to focus and wander. Sketchnoting is a design tool that re-frames experience. Consider how curiosity and openness can shape your perspective while sketchnoting.

Sketchnotes, like people, are unique. Experiment with different structures to see what fits your personal style.

Common structures employed in a sketchnote include: hourglass (broadest ideas at top and bottom, most focused ideas in center); linear (read top to bottom or left to right), radial (center out), and organic (put ideas on the page as they come to you, be mindful of using white space). I encourage you to try different layouts, and to use arrows and boxes to orient the reader. Color and detail can add emphasis and improve readability.

Experiment with Perspective Drawing to turn basic shapes (circles, squares, triangles) into 3D figures. Practice lettering with this technique for emphasis and effect.

Perspective drawing is a technique that can be used to create 3D shapes and interesting lettering styles. These techniques may add emphasis and unique style to your Sketchnotes.

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