Facing fears.

Facing fears. September 26, 2017   As a writer, one of my biggest fears is rejection. It is human nature to hold in our hearts a longing for acceptance. This inner drive to be seen and heard is in some ways at odds with the nature of publishing.   Here, in my free space to […]

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Letting go to grow.

Letting go to grow. September 21, 2017   I pause in my stream of writing to gaze out the window. The shimmying tree caught my eye, And now I am the watcher of my experience. Being in balance with doing.   A single leaf let go from its tether to the branch. Now at rest […]

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I see you.

I see you. In looking into the depths of my soul. I see your sorrow, your fear, your pain. I see your joy, your love, and excitement. I see you. Some see soul searching as selfish or single-focused. I see the best and worst of me. I see the best and worst of you. I […]

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