Not quite an open book, but close.

I started this blog as a way to write about writing, as that is a main part of my life. I have recently taken on the task of documenting other wisdom I have learned through my practice of yoga and meditation. I share my story here as inspiration for living.

Freshly pressed blog postings are seen here. Otherwise, here is a brief tour of my posts and tags (and some favorites):

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Wisdom learned along the way for living a more balanced, whole-hearted life worth living

May the goodness and light in you, honor that same goodness and light in me. We are one. Namaste.

  • Fullness. (9/3/16). I came to fullness through writing and yoga. Let go and do what you love.
  • Always learning. (4/15/16). A positive self affirmation.
  • I practice. (4/13/16) Allow. Let go. Watch. Breathe. Repeat.
  • A cycle of change. (3/31/16) How nature can inspire life. #clarity #peace
  • An addiction to multitasking. (3/31/16) #breathe #clarity #goal #worryless #yogalife #inspiration
  • Namaste. (4/12/14) Peace and a poem. #happiness
  • Fearlessness is a choice. (9/29/15) #fearless #clarity #freedom
  • Breathe. (3/19/15) Breathe out and let go of what doesn’t serve you. #inspiration #living #breathe #calm #writing #yogalife #letgo
  • A light switch. (6/10/14) Sometimes, we are stuck. #hope #learning #greenerpastures
  • Chin up. (5/22/14) I’m sticking around, and still smiling, despite a fear that everyone else is wondering why. #truth #balance #greenerpastures #hope
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Work as a writer and researcher of mathematics education

What do you do with an idea? You change the world.

  • Crafting an identity. (12/16/15) From lessons learned in the face of rejection, to promoting an online presence.
  • What I do. I seek to change the world with my ideas.(12/9/15)  #representationalfluency #conceptionsoffunctions #learning #progressinpress
  • What do you do with an idea? Simple. You change the world. (5/7/15) #idea #change #research
  • A Marathon, Not a Sprint. (11/7/14) A useful metaphor. #progressinpress #writing #inspiration #research
  • Telling stories. (8/27/14) Being comfortable with flux, with uncertainty, with change, and unknown are important facets of learning to lead an inspired career. #inspiration #living #research #writing
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Thoughts and inspiration for the work of writing and researching…

A true warrior never quits (Kung Fu Panda)

Yet to be categorized:
5/5/14. Inspiration.
4/16/14. A Blessing or a Curse?3/11/2014. Progress in press.
3/10/2014. What would you do if you weren’t afraid?
3/8/2014. Searching for purpose: mathematics and teaching.
3/7/2014. Why I am a scholar.
3/6/2014. Two ideas.
3/5/2014. Living and learning.
10/18/2013. Write every day.

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