Gazing out a window.

The ability to gaze out a window. To see onto a world, to impose meaning on it. Is such a gift. I cherish this gift, and position myself throughout the day to have as much exposure as possible to nature and the outside world. As a scholar and teacher I write and engage in indoor […]

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Stay open. 

The world is your playground. Let your adventure begin. Stay open to any experience that should arise. There is beauty all around. To stay open means to allow for the present moment to unfold just as it is. Not as expected, not as hoped, not as feared. And without judgement. Live from a place of […]

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Inside out.

What to do when your world is turned upside down? Turn inward. Seek to find peace in the awareness that feelings of joy, anger, fear, disgust, and sadness are exactly that – emotions. They do not define you. The fact that you are able to witness your emotions means that you are separate from them, hence […]

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Me, myself, and yoga.

How does yoga influence my life off my mat? As a mother? As a writer?   I recently had the joy of interviewing with Meg Sirchio of Perennial Yoga and Wisdom Community in Fitchburg, WI. She asked me to reflect on this very question. In the moment, I think I told her a story about […]

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Crafting an identity.

Like you, I wear several hats. In my professional identity it has become increasingly important to specify what that hat looks like, and how I look when I’m wearing it. This way, others will recognize me and come to know me through my work. In my (somewhat futile) attempts to publish first and sole-author manuscripts in […]

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“[T]he psycholo…

“[T]he psychological definition of a concept cannot be reduced to its scientific definition … [M]athematicians normally strive to be precise, complete and parsimonious when they write definitions, whereas psychologists try to understand how concepts are progressively shaped, by different kinds of situations and competences and by different kinds of linguistic representation and symbols.” (Vergnaud, 1997, […]

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A Blessing or a Curse?

I have recently seen others post comments or engage in conversations about loathing the writing process, calling for a good “creative flow” to inform their writing, or not looking forward to meeting the deadline. Is this a fear of writing? A dislike for sharing critical thinking on a written page? This leads me to wonder if writing […]

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Progress in press.

Learning to write is an important process. One of the important components of this process is the ebb and flow of manuscripts at various stages. For my own clarity, I need to better track this process. For now, I’ll keep track of this in a google spreadsheet with columns for: (0) Author–maybe it is individual […]

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