Evoking Emotion in a Math Lesson.

These below photos and the prompts were curated by Ken Keech, Betty Routhouska, and Nicole Fonger and used in a math lesson and Desmos Activity “Linear Functions and the 15th Ward.” Mr. Keech and Mrs. Routhouska taught this lesson for high school students at Nottingham High School. The Original Photos of the two couples shownContinue reading “Evoking Emotion in a Math Lesson.”

The Antiracist Algebra Coalition.

I wrote this post as response to a Syracuse University student who wanted to learn more a bout the Antiracist Algebra Coalition. I hope you enjoy learning more about this work! 1. What was the initial process of forming the Antiracist Algebra Coalition like? The initial process involved: making clear for myself what my goalsContinue reading “The Antiracist Algebra Coalition.”

What is Community-Engaged Scholarship?

I like to think of the “work” of linking research and practice along a continuum. This continuum may have at one extreme <use-inspired> research and at the ether, <community-engaged scholarship>. For me, I’ve learned from folks in the humanities and public scholars and artists, that community-engaged scholarship is intentional in disrupting power dynamics. Sometimes asContinue reading “What is Community-Engaged Scholarship?”