Encouraging words.

I am always learning. Today I have learned the power of encouraging words. Words the seek to inspire, to motivate, to push ahead, to make progress when faced with adversity and challenges. This also reminds me of a few quote from movies I’ve enjoyed with my family recently. “A true warrior never quits” (Kung Fu […]

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A Blessing or a Curse?

I have recently seenĀ others post comments or engage in conversations about loathing the writing process, calling for a good “creative flow” to inform their writing, or not looking forward to meeting the deadline.Ā Is this a fear of writing? A dislike for sharing critical thinking on a written page? This leads me to wonder if writing […]

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“May the goodness and light in you, honor that same goodness and light in me. We are one. Namaste.” This message of peace is central to my pursuit of happiness. Peace within myself, and with others. When I find myself unsettled, I look into myself for clarity. Mediation while sitting on ground of the warm […]

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