Culturally and historically responsive math tasks.

Here are the most recent iterations of the math tasks we use with youth and young adults. These lessons were collaboratively developed by the Antiracist Algebra Coalition, the Data Warriors, and the Meaningful Math Research Group at Syracuse University.

Social and Environmental Justice Math Tasks

Highway 81, Redlining, and White Flight, Population Trends, Linear Functions

Lead Poisoning, Environmental Justice, Exponential Decay

Explore more!

We elaborate some of the research on redlining in this zine “That’s so Ghetto #microagression” created by Dr. Fonger in collaboration with the SU office of diversity and inclusion.

In our People, Place, and Population Predictions article we elaborate how we used these lessons with young people, and the design behind the tasks.

We also share visualizations of Dr. Gholdy Muhammad’s Cultivating Genius model for historically responsive literacy as the grounding task design framework for Cultivating Math Genius.

We look forward to hearing how you take up these ideas in your own contexts and learn from our work. Reach out!

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