Progress in press.

Learning to write is an important process. One of the important components of this process is the ebb and flow of manuscripts at various stages. For my own clarity, I need to better track this process. For now, I’ll keep track of this in a google spreadsheet with columns for: (0) Author–maybe it is individual […]

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Why I am I scholar.

I am a scholar to change the world.  Be the change you wish to see in the word, is a motto that is akin to that of my alma mater (challenge yourself change the world). These sayings resonate with me in a powerful way. To me they are motivators to act, to be, to lead. […]

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Two ideas.

1. Inspired by Sousada’s recent post on “Why am I a scholar? ~why I left teaching~“, I should write that essay for myself. What does it mean to be a scholar, and why is that my quest? 2. Unknowable plans. For tomorrow.

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Living and learning.

Every day is a new day. Today, and lately, I’ve been learning about living. Learning about living a fuller more complete life. I find learning about living to be challenging and tiring. Caught in seemingly disparate worlds as tumultuous as a bubbling ocean busying itself during a  a storm.  I tire my eyes, body, and soul […]

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