Math Ed Sketchnotes

I create and shares sketchnotes – a textual-visual form of communication – as a mechanism to push the boundaries of what is possible in current, textually dense publication practices.

Sketchnotes are a Visual Communication Mechanism to Strengthen Research-Practice Links

I believe researchers and practitioners share a multitude of currencies, such as questions and contexts, and can create partnerships to exchange and co-create resources to address shared visions.

Several tenets of my philosophy of teaching and learning mathematics are summarized including being heart-centered, focusing on environment and place, designing instructional supports and cultivating student autonomy and voice. In mathematics in particular, meaning is cultivated through engaging in practices of reasoning and representing relationships through graphs, tables, symbols, and diagrams. Meaning-making is a creative act

Sketchnotes communicate with diverse audiences, and entice engagement with innovative ideas

My portfolio showcases various recent projects I’ve created to visually translate ideas in the field of mathematics education into sketchnotes – visual/textual syntheses of ideas. This collection includes examples from my work (e.g., on networking), of ideas in the field (e.g., on student centered teaching) and of others’ work presented at at recent conferences (e.g., AMTE 2020) or books and articles I’ve read on Culturally Responsive Education.

Toward Antiracist Practice in Algebra Education

In this sketchnote I reflect on a personal journey of unlearning racist ways of thinking and how they manifest in learning and teaching environments. See this paper on “Teaching is a Journey: Toward Anti-racism in Practice” to explore more.

Partnerships are Key Mechanisms for Linking Research and Practice

The work of “research-practice partnership” and “partnership” models in education research to link research and practice is often tacit and hidden. In this sketch I aim to explore some of the guiding metaphors and practices that undergird this work. (Fonger, N. L., v. June 2020)

Sketchnotes on Student Centered Math Teaching

A Lens on Effective Mathematics Instruction

These sketchnotes capture a summary of a linking research and practice talk given at the Study Council at Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, January 2020. Please cite the images as “Fonger, N. L. (2020). What is effective mathematics instruction? A framework. Published on”

Networking Quantitative Reasoning and Representational Fluency

These sketchnotes capture a summary of our research talk given at PME-NA 41 in St. Louis, November 2019. Please cite the images as “Fonger, N. L., & Altindis, N. A. (2019). Meaningful Mathematics: Sketchnotes. Published on”

Why Sketchnotes in Math Ed?

Sketchnotes from AMTE 2020 – the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators.

A few highlights include Dr. Gomez’ provocation of “who is worth listening to?” in a reflection that compelled the audience to take action, and Dr. Jett’s articulation of the importance of reframing the narrative to “black children are brilliant.” Test

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