About me

I am a writer, researcher, teacher, yogi, mama, chef, wholehearted being, friend, and wife.

I find inspiration in quiet places, on my yoga mat, and from gazing toward the horizon. My children teach me to play and to be present. Viewing the world from the eyes of a child is a great gift. I value home cooked meals, family days, travel, a good tree, and spaces where earth and sky greet each other like eternal companions. I may be one of the only people you’ve met who actually love snow. My husband is my best friend and teaches me to smile more often. He never ceases to surprise me. Here is a video capturing some of the ways yoga and meditation shape my life on and off my yoga mat.

Perennial Profiles – Nicole from Perennial on Vimeo.

As a researcher of mathematics education, I write, present, teach, read, and interact with ideas and people in national and international settings. I am dedicated to the advancement of students’ meaningful learning of mathematics. Here is a video capturing some results across three ongoing research projects in an effort to link research and practice.

Fonger – Research Brief

I publish as Nicole L. Fonger. But if you know me, you call me Nicky.
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I also love getting mail (the stamped kind):

Syracuse University
Mathematics Department
215 Carnegie Building
Syracuse, NY 13244

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