Seeking connection.


Recently I have been meditating on connections; and been using sketchnotes as a form of moving meditation. Allow me to narrate one way to navigate this sketch on Seeking Connection.


In professional work I’ve been situating my scholarly focus on meaningful learning. So I wonder…

How can you design for meaningful learning?

I suppose it depends on how you define meaningful learning.

On my quest for meaning in my professional work, I seek to understand and support meaningful learning of mathematics. My current thinking is that meaning necessarily involves three things:

  1. Creation. Create something–it doesn’t matter how you create, but you must create.
  2. Interpretation. Engage in an expressive act that conveys your own stance, perspective, or interpretation.
  3. Connect. Find a way to link new with old, to build, sew, grow, tie, or otherwise bring together ideas, information, to establish a link or connection.

I find myself wondering,

Is everyone on a quest for meaning?

Must connections necessarily be built, or might they occur organically?

Lately I’ve been interested in framing dimensions of human experience through the lenses of: cognitive, emotional, social, and body awareness. For example, what is the link between the body (perception–a sensual experience) and the mind (conceptual–a thinking, cognitive experience)?

In exploring this terrain, my goal is to help see the world from your eyes, while also helping you see the world through my eyes.

In this game,

perspective taking is an essential act.

And in this act, we can

allow breath to be the metronome for life.

I invite you to connect with me. And to share how meaning unfolds in your experiences through creation, interpretation, and connection.

Dr. Nicky @nmlfonger


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