Are you white? (a Zine)

I created this zine “Are you white?” as a reflection on my journey toward becoming an antiracist math educator. In this post I introduce the zine through a video. I also include a PDF for you to download (c) Nicole Fonger (usable under a creative commons license). This work is also featured in a Mathematics Teacher Learning and Teaching journal article (in press February 2022).

Feb 9, 2022 • Dr. Nicole Fonger, an assistant professor of mathematics and mathematics education at Syracuse University, introduces a zine (mini-magazine) focused on ideas she has found helpful to learn about race and racism, and the work of white people like herself. This zine includes several resources to learn more including podcasts and books and frameworks. The artwork is original and created by Dr. Fonger. The ideas that are depicted are based on others’ published works including:,, Anneliese Sing’s The Racial Healing Handbook, the Virginia Commonwealth University Becoming an Antiracist Educator series, the Seeing White podcast series by Scene on Radio, and UMass Amherst Center of Racial Justice.

If you choose to download and print this zine, see this brief video tutorial for how to fold a zine. Drop a note in the comments below to let me know who you share it with and what you think about this form of creative scholarship.

Please cite this work as Fonger, Nicole L. (2021). “Zine: Are you white?” Accessed

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