Lead with your heart.

In practicing yoga, the cue to “lead with your heart” often is interpreted to mean shoulders back and down, abdomen in to support a strong core, arms perhaps stretched out like wings or clasped behind your back and down, with heart-center the leading force of your physical movement. (Think of doing a forward fold swan diving with your heart leading the way, or a humble warrior bowing down in reverence and respect, heart forward.)

As a physical exercise it might feel vulnerable to lead with your heart, especially when energy levels aren’t grounded. On the other hand, if your heart energy is strong, it might be empowering and feel quite full and alive to lead with your heart.

I intend to lead with my heart both on and off my yoga mat.

As an educator leading with my heart brings a smile to my face. It means putting ego aside. It means embracing the unknown for whatever it is, not good or bad. It means working toward positive change, to bring greater joy from suffering. It means acknowledging the complexity of being human, of suffering, and of the possibility of transforming suffering into something beautiful.

Heart-centered in yoga and heart centered in mindfulness and heart centered in mathematics, need not be disparate ideas and practices. I find great beauty in working at the intersection of disciplines and practices.

For me, the way I see the world, yoga and mindfulness are everywhere. Art and mathematics are also everywhere. There is a subtly here that I wish to explain. It is my own lens that helps me “see” these practices in all that I do. And it is my intentionality to cultivate meaning through the practices of yoga and meditation, and through the practice of expressive mathematics, that help me to cultivate and strengthen my lenses.


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