Curriculum Vitae

Nicole L. Fonger

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

I am dedicated to better understanding and supporting students’ meaningful learning of mathematics in school, classroom, and community spaces. I employ design-based methods to link research and practice in case studies of students’ meaningful math learning.

The four interconnected facets of my research are:

I. Characterizing students’ meaningful algebra learning

II. Identifying curricular and instructional supports for students’ meaningful algebra learning

III. Expanding meaningful math learning opportunities that are culturally and historically responsive

IV. Linking research and practice through: (a) theory-informed teaching practice, (b) teacher-researcher collaboration, and (c) community-engaged scholarship.

A PDF of my CV is available for viewing below (Updated August 2022).

Dr. Fonger is a community-engaged mathematics education scholar. I build bridges to link research and practice to better understand and support students’ meaningful learning of mathematics.
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