That’s So Ghetto #microagression

One thing I’ve learned about racism is that until you can name it in several forms, it will continue to operate in plain sight. This zine was inspired by a collaboration with Eboni Joy Britt in the Syracuse University Office of Diversity.

Zine Creator Prof. Nicole Fonger (c) 2021
“That’s so ghetto!” #microagression
“But what exactly is a ghetto?”
“Ghettos were created and under-resourced by design…” – Prof. Nicole Fonger, Zine Creator (c) 2021.
“Have you heard of Redlining?” #housingsegregation #thenewdeal #homeownersloancorp #covenants
Redlining is a discriminatory practice in which people are denied access to financial services (e.g., mortgages, car loans, insurance) due to their race and/or ethnicity (Source:
“#Redlining Systematized The Creation and Persistence of American’s Ghettos”
Shown here is a rendering of a 1919 Map of Syracuse, NY (Source:
(LEFT): “Most African American families who were denied the opportunity to buy into Levittown … remained renters often in depressed neighborhoods, and gained no equity” (Source: The Color of Law, 2017, Richard Rothstein).
At the top left, a white family is depicted in front of a home they purchased in Levittow, NY. Below that photo, the Graph depicts the Wealth Accumulation for White Home Owners from 1948 until 2017 with growth from $8K (or $8,000) to $350K (or $350,000). These data are cited in Rothstein (2017). At the top right, a black family is depicted in front of an apartment rental. The graph below it shows wealth accumulation for black renters — nil (or $0).
(RIGHT): Equality and equity are not the same thing. This photo shows that equality would mean that despite some folks having access to what they need, everyone gets the same thing. The image on the right shows that with equity, everyone gets what they need – those who need more, get more. That way all have access.
“Equity isn’t about giving everyone the same thing. Equity is about understanding what everyone needs, and giving them that.” – Prof. Christopher Emdin
“Do you notice equity opportunities on campus?” #equityopps
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Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Steele Hall

This zine was created by Prof. Nicole L. Fonger, Syracuse University, August 2021. Educational use of these materials is permitted under a creative commons license. Thank you for engaging with these ideas.

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