Mantras to calm the storm.

What would a picture of dissatisfaction, frustration, or depression look like to you? My picture is stormy, hazy, and loud. Like a cartoon drawing of a tornado that blocks out clear thoughts and disrupts any sense of calm. The noise that I hear in my head is not so much a sound, as it is a vibration that inhibits my ability to find clarity.

Often I find the need to repeat to myself, and actually write down, or type mantras to help calm the storm. Instead of judging, rejecting, and blocking the feelings and emotional response, and potentially destructive though patterns, I’ve found it helpful to allow it and to explore it.

Approach yourself, your inward journey, with curiosity and kindness.

Explore the pain.

Explore the dissatisfaction.

Explore the frustration.

Be calm.

Allow the feelings. Without judgment.

Allow the emotional response. Without judgment.

You are real.

You are beautiful.

You are exceptional.

You are human, a creature of the universe.

Seek joy and beauty.

Love is omnipresent. You just need to look through an open heart.

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