Share your passion.

If you know me, or have met me, you likely know that I wear my emotions on my sleeve. I’ve recently been told that my 4 year old son does the same, for which I am proud. Being in tune to your emotions and feelings should be celebrated regardless of age, gender, status, etc.

This week has been met with a roller coaster of emotions, from feeling complete defeat and dissatisfaction with myself and my work as a writer, to feeling a sense of great pride and accomplishment. The spiral of emotions can work in both directions, and should be celebrated and learned from. From this I recall several teachings that are central to living on and off my yoga mat.

Be in the now. Acknowledge the feeling self. The emotional self. The thinking mind. The physical body. Without judgement.

Allow the energy to pass through you. To inspire you to be better. Notice, and come to a better understanding of self. Be your best self.

That which brings you to tears is something to notice, and learn from (not to judge). It is the moments that are filled with such intense passions, that literally bring about a physical and emotional response, that need to be understood.

Turn inward. Notice. Learn.

Now, share your passion with the world.

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