Notice, in silence. 

I sit in silence to notice the conversations. Who is swimming. Who is at the beach. How well they are doing. How much improvement and growth is evident. 

I stand in silence to notice sensations and actions. My body is aching for movement and stretch. I lunge and twist and arch my back. My hands are tearing fresh spinach into small bits. I enjoy the crunch the soft leaves make when broken. I hear the “mmmmm” of company smelling the garlic that is roasting. I smile and check the oven. 

I notice how words may be twisted and used to self depreciate. Without judgement I notice how I am shifting my own inner dialogue to be more self appreciating. I am beautiful. I am bountiful. I am blissful. 

I notice how I feel on the soft yet tacky surface of a new yoga mat. I lunge and twist and exhault my heart without a desire to perform. I notice how a yoga mat is a tool to remember routines and feel safe and grounded just by being on it. 

The power to notice is a gift. I invite you to turn inward and harness the treasure that lies within. This is the practice.  Namaste. 

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