I don’t always get it right.

I don’t always get it right, but sometimes it feels right.



Where does it come from?
From inner wisdom.
From my own inner compass.
Pointing me in the direction
That I need to be facing to
Be present for my life

To live more fully
More fully alive.
More fully awake.
Awakened to my experience as it unfolds.


We are a transitory people.
Always in transition.
Since the beginning of human existence.
Transition to the resources needed to support life.
Water. Safety. Nourishment. Warmth. Socialization. Community. Love.


Today, right now, it means:


Prioritizing my body awareness and physical strength.
Yoga practice in community.


Prioritizing my nutrition and the health of my family.
Making lunch and writing in the kitchen between active cooking time.


Finding happiness in my work.

Drawing, sketching, writing, reading, being OK with first drafts, sharing my work with others, having fun, pushing on what is possible, breaking down expectations of what is good enough.


Finding peace at home.
We moved our giant bookshelf out of my home office, leaving much greater space to breathe.
Our six year old moved each of the 140 books from the upstairs to the downstairs.
I told him I would pay him $0.01 per book.
This meant I needed to go to the bank today to get coins.
Doing something for him, holding true to my promise, felt good.
Making food for my family, felt good.


Yes, I could have used the entire 1.5 hours to just work. To just write. To continue to feed my quenching thirst for knowledge. My desire to write. But instead I chose to find balance.

Time to eat. And laugh. And love.


Written February 20, 2018


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