Letting go to grow.

Letting go to grow.

September 21, 2017


I pause in my stream of writing to gaze out the window.
The shimmying tree caught my eye,
And now I am the watcher of my experience.
Being in balance with doing.


A single leaf let go from its tether to the branch.
Now at rest in the shadow.
Ready to compost, returning to the earth.
To fertilize new growth in a new season.


The ever changing omnipresent ecosystem of the earth
Lives inside me, lives inside you.
The macrocosm in the microcosm.


Gaze upon the colorful show of foliage.
The letting go and returning to earth.
The wind and churning of energies and organic matter.
To prepare for rest and rejuvenation.


With time, with time.
We are reminded yet again.
To let go of that which no longer serves us.
To trust in the seasonal ebb and flow.
Of eventual growth and renewed light.


It is from the dirt,
From darkness,
A lotus flower blooms,
and is light.


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