Letting go to grow.

Letting go to grow. September 21, 2017   I pause in my stream of writing to gaze out the window. The shimmying tree caught my eye, And now I am the watcher of my experience. Being in balance with doing.   A single leaf let go from its tether to the branch. Now at rest […]

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Weight of the world.

Got the weight of the world on your shoulders? You put it there. Don’t. Just let it go. Allow the energy to pass through you. Practice balance: the mindful distribution of energy. Inhale.Exhale.Repeat. Stop clinging onto blocked energy. Be with it, then let it go, for the sake of all of us. You are a […]

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Just do you.

You will have moments of clarity, and moments of doubt. The important thing to remember is that you are uniquely you. No one else can express how you do. No one else sees the world as you do. Be confident in the truth that you are important. Your ideas have merit and are worth sharing. […]

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The world is my playground.

A common thread to my recent practices as a writer, researcher, and yogi, is around the theme of finding my purpose, passions, and igniting activity the is true to my way or ~dharma~. By opening my mind and my sensibilities to learning from every experience, I’ve re-learned that having my own ideas, finding clarity in […]

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We all breathe, but we may not be keenly aware of how we breathe. Through my practice of yoga at Perennial Yoga and Meditation I’ve learned that the exhale carries an immense power. The power of breathing out can be one of letting go. Breathe out and let go of what doesn’t serve you. (Thank you, […]

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