Sketchnotes Resources

Quick Tips!

  1. Listen with full presence. What is the speaker’s perspective?
  2. Synthesize in a few words and an image. What is the big idea?
  3. No judgement. Sketchnoting is a relaxing practice. Keep your pen moving. See where it takes you.

Read! A field guide to Graphic Notes website with links and videos to explore.

Read! Sketchnotes 101: Visual Thinking website worth a 3 minute read.

Try a book! The Sketchnote Handbook is a great read and worth the investment. True to sketchnote style, this book artfully combines image and text in an easy to flow structure.

Watch and practice! Practice creating a sketchnote while watching and listening to a video. Try the first three minutes of Brené Brown’s Ted Talk on Vulnerability.

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