What is Community-Engaged Scholarship?

I like to think of the “work” of linking research and practice along a continuum. This continuum may have at one extreme <use-inspired> research and at the ether, <community-engaged scholarship>.

For me, I’ve learned from folks in the humanities and public scholars and artists, that community-engaged scholarship is intentional in disrupting power dynamics.

Sometimes as scholars we may take for granted the “basics” of asking questions and meeting needs. I’ve found that community-engaged work challenges me to question: Who gets to ask questions? Whose needs are met?

As an example of one initiative, faculty members and public artists are coming together to explore collaboration that brings a sense of “place” to two sister cities – Syracuse, NY and Rochester, NY.

One goal of our group is to disrupt the power structure of who the “keepers of methods” are. Another idea we are exploring is moving outside the University space into community spaces (e.g., parks, murals, sidewalks).

How are support structures designed to encourage additional work as a community-engaged scholar? Consider the example highlighted below with explicit guidelines, definitions, and parameters to make community-engaged scholarship count in tangible ways for both the community that is being served, and the individual scholar who is participating and/or leading the efforts.

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