Where are you right now?
In physical space.
In mental space.
In state of being.
Check in.


What is the quality of the air?
Breathing in through your nostrils.
Do you notice the tickle on the top of your lip?
How the air is slightly warmer as you exhale.


How is the light?
Can you gauge the dimness or brightness of the room,
with your eyes closed.
What about when you cover your eyes.
How does this affect your state of being.
Coming into darkness.


Rest awareness on your third eye center.
That point on your forehead just above and between your brows.
Coming into stillness.


What stimulates your auditory sensations?
Whatever noises surround you, notice them.
The humming of a fan,
electricity powered appliances,
gas-powered vehicles.
What powers you?


Hear the sound of your breath as it
slowly enters and exits the body.
Let this breath fill up your belly,
allowing your abdomen to expand.


As you exhale, let it all go.
Feel the weight of your body give itself to the earth.
Notice what tensions you might feel in your body.
Release the tension with your breath.


I invite you in.
Even if just for a moment—this moment.
To be guided in movement
by your breath.


Where does this breath take you?
Stretch the tension in your neck
as you roll your head from side to side.
Stretch your arms to the sky to
expand your heart space.
Arch and curve your back to
feel the undulation of your spine.


As you breathe and move.
Really feel connected,
fueled by the power of this breathe.
In, and out.
Like waves of an ocean.
Connecting us all.


you carry this power with you.
Refueling at any time,
is possible to release tension, and
to connect to energy through breath.


Stillness and movement.
Light and dark.
In and out.
In a never-ending
cycle of ebbs and flows.


Just notice.
It’s happening
right now.

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