A Blessing or a Curse?

I have recently seen others post comments or engage in conversations about loathing the writing process, calling for a good “creative flow” to inform their writing, or not looking forward to meeting the deadline. Is this a fear of writing? A dislike for sharing critical thinking on a written page?

This leads me to wonder if writing is a blessing or a curse? Maybe both.

My curse with writing is not taking the time, or giving myself the creative space to think, write, innovate, and do. Carving out time for writing is an important practice that I need to regularly incorporate into my daily routine. The blessing in writing is evident when a drafted piece of writing is read by others, eventually published, and used by others to inform their thinking.

The goal of much of my writing is to advance the field of mathematics education. A lot of times the pressure to contribute in a meaningful way stymies my productivity in writing. Maybe the goal of this writing needs to be scaled back to not feel like such a curse, but rather a blessing. I have stories to share, and need to give myself space and time to share them.

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