What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

This question is a powerful one for me because it liberates me from holding myself back. I have always considered myself to be a leader, but lately, haven’t been taking on the challenge of actually doing something about it. I’ve allowed myself, my ideas, and my emotions to become suppressed to the point of… fear. Fear of something better. Fear of being the best. Fear of being number 1 at what I do. No one else can do what I do because I define my own profession. I am the only one who has my exact research agenda, my exact teaching philosophy, my exact stance on the world, and on issues in mathematics education.

This video is important for others to hear, too. Lean In.

In the Convening on Mathematics Education, held today and tomorrow (March 10-11) at the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at North Carolina State University, one message was to “Speak up” “Let your voice be heard” “You, your story, is important for legislators to hear.” While this call to arms isn’t new, there is a different ring to it for me today. The call of other leaders is to do something about it. 

Just do it.

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