Algebra students’ learning in secondary mathematics schools is a priority topic in education policy, practice, and research. A major impetus driving my research activities is to address both theoretical and practical issues related to how secondary students learn mathematics.

Here is a video capturing some results across three ongoing research projects in an effort to link research and practice. See also Papers I’ve written, Visuals of my Research, and a description of my Research Program. Some my work published work is posted online: Research GateGoogleScholar. If interested, here are Select Presentations

Fonger – Research Brief

The issue of how to support meaningful learning of core concepts of equivalence and functions is at the heart of my research program. I study students’ conceptions and representational fluency in solving problems, and curricular and instructional supports for that learning over time.  My work examines the nature of supports for student learning with a focus on multiple external representations of functions, equations, and expressions in technology-rich learning environments such as with computer algebra systems (CAS).

My current research focuses on three strands of mathematics education: curriculum, technology, student learning and representations. I also work with Dr. Amy Ellis on the SPARQ project supporting my interest in learning trajectories for students’ understanding of functions, further stimulating questions about the relationship between students’ representational activity and cognition.

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  1. Your video is very informative and easy to follow. I actually learned an interesting way to visually illustrate the distinction between variation, co-variation, and correspondence. Nice work.

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