“[T]he psycholo…

“[T]he psychological definition of a concept cannot be reduced to its scientific definition … [M]athematicians normally strive to be precise, complete and parsimonious when they write definitions, whereas psychologists try to understand how concepts are progressively shaped, by different kinds of situations and competences and by different kinds of linguistic representation and symbols.” (Vergnaud, 1997,Continue reading ““[T]he psycholo…”

A Blessing or a Curse?

I have recently seen others post comments or engage in conversations about loathing the writing process, calling for a good “creative flow” to inform their writing, or not looking forward to meeting the deadline. Is this a fear of writing? A dislike for sharing critical thinking on a written page? This leads me to wonder if writingContinue reading “A Blessing or a Curse?”

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

This question is a powerful one for me because it liberates me from holding myself back. I have always considered myself to be a leader, but lately, haven’t been taking on the challenge of actually doing something about it. I’ve allowed myself, my ideas, and my emotions to become suppressed to the point of… fear.Continue reading “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?”

Searching for purpose: mathematics and teaching.

When I entered the field of mathematics education, it was first through mathematics. I happened upon mathematics in somewhat of a magical way. That magic can best be described by enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment and empowerment. I was good at it, and competed with others (mainly those of the opposite sex). I continuedContinue reading “Searching for purpose: mathematics and teaching.”