We all breathe, but we may not be keenly aware of how we breathe. Through my practice of yoga at Perennial Yoga and Meditation I’ve learned that the exhale carries an immense power.

The power of breathing out can be one of letting go. Breathe out and let go of what doesn’t serve you. (Thank you, Katie Hill.) This applies in the context of writing as well. For example, when reading a review or another’s comments on your writing, do the comments serve you? Do they help you to teach the main point and strengthen your argument? Or are they ancillary and missing the point? In the latter case, let them go (and breathe while you do so).

The power of breathing out can bring the power of staying calm. By breathing out longer than we breathe in we tell our bodies and our minds that we are Ok. Do not panic, it’s OK. Breathing while writing is key for it allows you to be relaxed in your practice of writing, allowing the ideas to flow.

Generally, the practice of breathing keeps you centered. This applies across all contexts, the ones you cherish, the ones you loathe. Through a concentrated practice on my breathe I’ve experienced changes in my ability to more quickly turn stressful situations into more manageable moments. Pay attention to your breathing while writing. What do you notice. Does your attention to breath correspond to a shift in energy?

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