Guided by a sense of purpose.


Guided by a sense of purpose.
To push the boundaries of what is possible.
To invent and re-discover new ways of teaching.
To engender richer, more meaningful ways of learning.


My goal is to support rich learning of mathematics.
And to share the theory, tenants, and design principles guiding my practices.
Tied to empirical evidence of students’ learning.
Grounded in systematic practices.
Of uncovering patterns.
Of noticing new truths.
And now to tell a story.


You cannot put your head down yet.
You need to tell your story.
My story is one of love.
Love that came from the depths of my soul.
That was born in me.
And at one point, so well-hidden
I had forgotten the way
To the center of the flame.
Now I write to find my way back home.
I create. I express. I meditate. I am.
To harness the creativity.
And propel it forward and out.
To give life to ideas.
Grounded in love.


Draw to the page.
To the pen.
To the keyboard.
Each word is built upon.
Expounded until
I spin a web of
Colorful prose
That guides



Into the space deep inside me
Where the entire universe lies
Living and practicing with
Dedicated devotion
Devotion to a higher
A purpose
Of living authentically
Aligned and alive
Without Reservation
Without Hesitation


With love.
Being love.
I teach love.
Love for self.
Love for others.
Love for knowledge.
A quest for knowing and being.
Now drawn toward the purpose of sharing.
Sharing designs with others to teach.
To learn.


Always to learn.
By engaging in self-study I come to know myself.
This is what I offer.



Poem Written Feb. 4, 2018, Sketch drawn Feb. 16, 2018.


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