I teach, I learn.

January 24, 2018


I teach, I learn.


My first born turned 6 years old today.
I dedicate this post to him,
Focusing on both what I am teaching,
and what I am learning.


I teach kindness, and self-regulation.
I learn vulnerability and excitement.


I teach discipline and self-care.
I learn playfulness and spontaneity.


I teach reading and writing.
I learn joy and confidence.


I teach math and problem solving.
I learn patience and curiosity.


Above it all,

I am reminded day in and day out,

Of the importance of listening.
And of the importance of asking questions.


About remaining curious about the human experience.
Of remaining open to life’s experiences.


Of being OK with surprises.
Of being OK with growing.


And most of all, of love.
The love of a 6 year old is bursting.
I am so grateful for you, Everett Gray.


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