I gaze, I wonder.

Monday January 15, 2018

I gaze, I wonder.

As a little part of my soul

Cries, another part


Celebrates a time that once

Was, and now has past.

Will I go on living my life

Present, past, and future

Or will I learn to live more fully

In the now

To become more alive

More awakened to the wonder

That is this moment now,

Not the wonder that once was

In that moment, time and

Place now past

Not to be lived again.

Really the beauty of the now

May indeed lie in the fact that

It is fleeting

So to use this breath

To its full potential

Is to notice the quality of the breath

As it envelopes the body

The mind at ease

Now in a place of awareness

The sun warms my skin

The music reaches to my core

My body sways and flows

To my own rhythm

Informed by great teachers

Now all in the past

Yet I carry them with me

Searching for purpose

Perhaps it is in front of me all along

To teach

To love

To breathe

To be

Taken all together

To teach love, breath, and presence.

To be presence, teaching love with breath

Teaching others to love this breathe

To live life purposefully, dedicated to the now.

Full of potential.

Gaze, and wonder.

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