Coming into being.

January 23, 2018


Coming into being.

In coming into being
I get glimpses of selflessness
Of illumination of purpose
Of intentions and dreams.


In coming into being
I Become more awakened
To broader and higher purpose
Not of my to-do list
But instead of an
Energetic flow that
Connects us all.


I stop myself from coming into being
By ruminating on perceived failures
By remaining stuck in stagnant energy
By falling back to previously created patterns
Of self-destruction and anxiety
Of lack of self-worth and fear


I learn and relearn the importance of
Trusting myself
Of trusting the direction and course
I am leading myself and my students on.


On believing that I am enough.
And trusting in where this journey takes me.
Acknowledging but not judging
The here and now
For what it is.
For being.


Underneath the rumination
Is an inner wisdom that
Guides my compass
Especially when
My vision is clouded
My inner voice drowns out
The possibility of connecting


I return to trust, to belief.
To here and now.
The omnipresent
Breath that enlivens
My being.
Bring me back.
Again and again.
Here and now.

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