Why does it feel so crazy?

Why does it feel so crazy?

Dec. 6, 2017


Out of control.
Stay grounded.
Not one more.


Take a break.
Take a breath.
Don’t forget to


Notice the racing mind.
The endless list.
The deadlines.
The exams.
The priorities.


Watch, listen.
All around.
Buzzing, buzzing.
What’s that sound?


Hurried bodies.
Scowling faces.
Why do we subject
Ourselves to such


Where does the solution lie?


Listen again.
Listen again.
What do you need?
Food? Water? Stretching? Sleep?


Follow the calls.
Listen now.
If not before.
Listen now.
Remember the impermanence of it all.

Form this we will learn.
From this we will grow.
Likely in unexpected ways.


Soon enough.
It will be done.
Soon enough you’ll see.
The end is near,
yet it will come again.


Maybe next time you will be better.
Prepared for stress.
Prepared for chaos.
And amidst it all.
Still be able to rise above.


To watch instead of fall.


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