An addiction to multitasking.

(Written March 31, 2016)

Here is a mere glimpse of “The multitasking mind”… In some moments (more often than not, these days), I find myself constantly urging to multitask.

Mid-bite of red lentils – I should be reading something – doesn’t everyone eat and work at the same time?…
About to take a drink of water – wasn’t I going to get something in the kitchen? – I better check…
I notice my recent project on the table (birth announcements for #baby2) – wait, didn’t I just decide that after yoga and meditation I would journal then come home and write as a reflection – I better not start that project until I journal…

Every where I turn, I seem to be faced with something else that I’m not currently doing that somehow I convince myself I should be doing. 

Why can’t I BE sometimes. Simply be in the presence of THIS moment.

The fan is running, the world inside and out is quiet (#baby2 is napping on #parent2 ‘s chest). Yet my mind is constantly on. The inner voice of how I’m not good enough or this moment is not good enough.

It nearly brings me to tears when I start to buy in and BELIEVE the sentiment:
You are enough.
You are good enough.

I break myself down more than I build myself up, and this is an addiction or habit that must be broken.

I often get trapped in my addiction to multitasking that I lose sight of the beauty of the present moment. Some of my favorite #mantras (i.e., “mind tools”) are:

I am breathing. I hear myself breathe. I feel the breath entering my body and moving through me.

I close my eyes and listen and sense. This is what I hear. This is what I feel. This moment. Now.

If it wasn’t this, it would be something else. So enjoy THIS for what it is.

With these, I leave this journal reflection in peace. Not to say that I won’t be multitasking – as I have my project, my water, and my phone near at hand and a whole host of activities that await. How about joining the #family for a nap? Endless possibilities.

I am the creator of my own experience. I have the power to affect change. Have the strength to live true to your awareness.

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