Evoking Emotion in a Math Lesson.

These below photos and the prompts were curated by Ken Keech, Betty Routhouska, and Nicole Fonger and used in a math lesson and Desmos Activity “Linear Functions and the 15th Ward.” Mr. Keech and Mrs. Routhouska taught this lesson for high school students at Nottingham High School.

The Original Photos of the two couples shown here as sketches (by Fonger) were taken by Richard Breland and published on Syracuse New Times “The way they were: Images of residents from the 15th Ward during thew 1950s.” The quotes and data are published by the Onondaga Historical Association “The Destruction of Syracuse’s 15th Ward.”

We asked students “What might the 15th ward have felt like for Black Americans at the time? Why do think this?”
Please cite as Keech, K., Routhouska, B., & Fonger, N. L. (2022). “Evoking emotion in a culturally and historically responsive math lesson on linear functions.” Accessed on Today’s Date from https://nicolefonger.com/2022/05/18/evoking-emotion-in-a-math-lesson/

We’d love to hear how you are using these or similar resources to evoke emotion in math lessons. Reach out!

This community engaged research was made possible with support from the Antiracist Algebra Coalition and the Meaningful Math Research Group at Syracuse University, especially students Waleed Raja, Khadija Sharif, Daslin Peña, Emmy Njue, Abigail Erskine, and Stephen Caviness. Funding support for this community-engaged research is from the Humanities Corridor of Central New York, and the following organizations at Syracuse University: the Engaged Communities Network in the College of Arts and Sciences, the Deans office in the School of Education, the Mathematics Department, the Syracuse Office of Undergraduate Research and Creative Engagement (SOURCE), and the Collaboration for Unprecedented Success and Excellence (CUSE) Grant Program. For more information contact Nicole Fonger at nfonger AT syr DOT edu or http://www.nicolefonger.com @research2practice on Instagram and @nmlfonger on Twitter

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