Learning to listen.

Learning to listen.
To a calling, deep inside.
Turning inward to notice.
No longer hidden–
A desire to connect.
With higher purpose.

Through expression.
Through teaching.
Through silence.
Through sleep.

My dreams bring visions of
translations of Sanskrit verses
Yet here I am–awakened to the sounds of babes
Crying, whining, cajoling me back to awareness.
A reality a dream in and of itself.

Reaching out, reaching in.
Reflecting on photos and moments frozen in time.
Brings me back–transcending time and space
To inspire myself to do it again.

Grounded in the Earth
a homecoming.
Grounded in practices of expression.
Protecting ideas while playing the game.

Targeting “low hanging fruit”
While keeping an eye on stars in the sky
Dreams that will only come to light
The more I allow myself to feed them and
Help them grow

Wrestling between states of contemplation
Work, activity, doing
States of non-doing and
free space are few and far between

Wondering what drives me
Pulled in seemingly disparate directions
Yet alive and well,
I turn inward, to feel the flame burning
bright from within
An aliveness that no one–
not even my own inner critic–
can squelch.

Here now.
I listen.
Always learning.
Learning to listen.


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