Seeing the unseen. 

In seeking to see the unseen we seek hidden truths. Treasure that remains dormant until harvested and unearthed. It is through the practice of seeking to see the unseen that we come to a greater sense of awareness.

Some truths can only be sensed or felt. Perhaps you enjoy the embrace of friend, or a young child. Meet eye to eye, and chest to chest. The treasure here is connection. Love is felt at the heart center. Perhaps you experience the radiant, calming energy of a peaceful warrior. Meet in presence, without judgement nor expectation. And here the treasure is peace.

Other hidden truths are knowable only by ourselves through introspection and self study. These truths originate at the core of our being. Meet yourself by letting go. (Let go of expectation, for example.) The treasure here is self love, and perhaps wisdom. For when we are one with ourselves we  can then live our best self.

“Just do you” the wise one says. For no other life is to be led than your own.

We practice to cultivate the treasures – all intertwined as threads of the fabric of our lives. With each breath we weave another thread of our life tapestry.  It is through presence that we come to know and see these truths unseen.  Relish in the journey, for this is its own reward.  Yet, along the way unearth the hidden treasures, for these are meant to be shared.

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