Always learning.

One thing I like about myself is that I am always learning. This sentiment reflects a positive self affirmation that I am currently working to integrate into my inner voice or self talk (i.e., with each personal attack that I inflict upon my psyche, I immediately follow it with a positive one).

As a lifelong learner I allow myself to treat each experience (good, bad, ugly, past, present, future) as a tool for learning. Of course, in my practice of mindfulness I work to focus only on those in the present moment. However, I remind myself, again and again, that I am human. This means that my thinking mind will reflect upon the past and imagine the future. I use these moments as tools or teachers.

I am committed to lifelong learning. I like this about myself.
It means that I have a growth mindset. It means that I am open to change.
It means I am committed to being the best possible version of myself.

I’m curious; what inspires your positive self affirmations?

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