Setting realistic “process” goals.

My realistic goals for the next several weeks will be based on advice to set process goals, as opposed to product goals. My process goals will be about writing. Writing every day is a reasonable process goal for me. There is something about writing every day that helps me to feel more fulfilled and accomplished.

By focusing on process goals I will be less focused on product goals, yet trust in the idea that by engaging in process goals I will eventually accomplish the product goals. My product goals (which I express here for illustration purposes only) are with respect to manuscript submission and eventual publishing. I am reminded that these milestones of accomplishments are few and far between with respect to other more realistic goals, such as process goals.

It is completely unrealistic to think that I will achieve a major product goal each time I sit down to put words onto the page. It is completely realistic for me to achieve the goal of engaging in the process of writing every time I open my computer. Let’s keep focused on the positive, the accomplishments, the doable things.

Worry less. Achieve more.

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