Tuning in.

I awoke this morning to notice.
I noticed restless slumber, so I read a book.
I noticed bodily aches, so I flowed on a yoga mat.
I noticed streams of thought, and am writing.

Tuning into emotional, bodily, and thoughtful awareness
I come into being, still guided by a sense of seeking.
Of seeking greater alignment.
Of clearer focus.
Of greater fulfillment.
Of holding space.

As I practice the art and science of noticing
I continue to learn about the fire inside
The motivation for action.

In conceptual work, I’m driven by a hunger for learning.
A deep curiosity.
Seeking to understand.
Seeking to change, and to improve.
Seeking to contribute to a collective wisdom.
Of research, and of practice.
Of moving from theory to praxis and back again.

In bodily work, I’m driven by tension.
Held trauma and stress, stored in the body.
My body implores me to release.
Through movement and breath.
I come into flow.
Driven by a dedication.
Rooted while reaching.

In emotional work, I’m driven by love.
Love for self.
Love for my children.
Love for my partner.
Love of life.

And so I continue.
A life long practice of tuning in.


2 thoughts on “Tuning in.

  1. Very nice Nicole Marie. I too enjoy the thirst for knowledge and enlightenment. Just not at your grand scale. Your beautiful soul guides you in ways I will never achieve. How wonderful for you. Enjoy. Love always, Dad

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