Taking time.

When taking time to do something,
or be somewhere, or with someone
Time itself doesn’t matter;
it needn’t enter into consciousness.

My favorite ways of taking time
occur as bookends to the day.

A long breakfast, children shrieking and laughing,
only silent while eating.
Standing in the kitchen,
enjoying coffee while cooking.

Then again to close the day,
when all babes are asleep,
A long rest, writing, reading,
conversing quietly (or not at all).

By consciously noticing when
we take time to be,
To enjoy and fill up,
We gain insight into
what it takes to live

Through a habitual patterning
of taking time,
One can intentionally
Create a lifestyle.

A long writing session can occur at any time.
Mornings may bring some clarity,
but may also be slow to warm up.
By the evening, taking time to write and express
has become a craving.

While practiced at writing,
I am less practiced at
Patience and single-pointed focus.
Often I start a piece of writing and it somehow
Morphs into two pieces of writing.

I smile, acknowledging the complexity
and intertwined nature of
creative thought.
Of knowledge generation;
a non-linear process.

This is the practice.
Of taking time.
And of compassionate

Taking time to maintain an active lifestyle
also requires practice and habit forming.
One can start with an intention of
taking time for self-care,
but until it is acted upon with movement
through dedicated practice,
it remains a theory,
like a dream never realized.

And now as I move from bookend to bookend,
I smile and notice, and wonder, how the day will unfold.
How will I allow my habitual patterning to guide my focus
How will I push in new directions to create new habits
New directions that spur creativity, joy, and love.

Noticing and wondering.
I repeat the process.
Taking time to live.
Taking time to be.


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