Knowing when to rest.

March 3, 2018.

I’m not good at knowing when to rest.

Usually I work through my day, pushing from one thing to the next, with little time spared in between.

When my stomach hurts, I know I have gone to far.

The ideas and work flows from my finger tips yet but body urges me to rest.

April 25, 2018.

Yet here I am again. Body aching. Longing for movement.

Yet I write.

My writing keeps me quite literally chained to my desk.

And not in a bad way.

I surround myself with sights, sounds, laughter, images, papers, pens…

Ways to express and reflect on expression.

And write.

Now, it is time to move.

Drink water.

Breathe deep into my body.

And relax.

For relaxing is part of writing.

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