Caught in the middle.

Caught in the middle.

March 2, 2018


I often find myself caught in the middle.

Torn between extremes.

Of this, or of that.


Do something fun.

Do something practical.

Do it because I love it.


Recalling a quote I have posted to my computer:


“What I know is if you do work that you love, and the work fulfills you, the rest will come.” Oprah Winfrey


I am aware of external pressures.

I am aware of the responsibilities I have to myself, to my family, to my students, and colleagues.

I am also aware that if I don’t fill my cup, no one else will.


And so,

I rest in the awareness that leaning into my work.

At this moment.

Means sharing my designs.

Trying something.

And being playful about it.


P.S. Do you see that? Do you see how I was stuck, and how I turned to writing as a release and way to make sense of my experience?


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