As a teacher.

May 23, 2016


I find myself in the role of a teacher.

I have learned to find beauty in all that I see.

Yet when others are faced with dissatisfaction, with fear or with anxiety, they are clouded, unable to see. Pulled from the presence.

How then, do you teach others to embrace love.

To trust in self?


As a teacher I seek to inspire wisdom and knowledge in others.

In a canonical curriculum, the specification of learning goals and tasks guides the learner and is guided by their progress. The teacher prompts, probes, questions, and tells. Students’ learning is assessed and measured, linking increasingly sophisticated ways of thinking to the curricular and instructional supports for their learning.


In learning to live from the heart, from a higher place or sense of oneness with a higher power, I find myself in uncharted territory as a teacher.


I can coach – Be here now. Find peace in the present moment. Let go. Do not worry for that does not serve us. Do your best.


However, these utterances can fall upon deft ears so long as the listener chooses. This is key –

as a learner, you have a choice to give, receive, and let go

Thus the core of the teaching is choice.

Choice of being happy.

Choice of practicing your best.

Choice of seeing beauty in every form.

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