Perfect amidst imperfection.

Perfect amidst imperfection.

Written August 9, 2017


Sometimes the absence of something is the trigger to realize it is essential to our way of life.

Writing is like that for me.

Academic writing, free writing, journal writing, blog writing, sketching, or some other form of creative expression through dance, yoga, music, art.

From this realization, I come to an (almost) quiet place, and prioritize my craft of writing. I prioritize this practice over cleaning, organizing, painting, planning, as those will come with time.


In our new home, living with the car-full of items that we drove with us across state lines, I see perfection amidst imperfection.

A mess that would otherwise drive me into a frenzy to clean it up seems just where it is meant to be. How else would that pile of clothes be? There is no dresser to store them.

How else would that smattering of toys be? I am thankful to have them (for a house without toys for two little boys is quite empty, indeed).

Where else would I be writing than leaning against the wall on the floor? There is no desk, office chair, nor office to otherwise be.

This is perfection amidst imperfection.


This is what is, and so I let it be.


And so, I write. I dance. I practice yoga—one move at a time, one transition at a time. I revel in every minute. I create. I plan. I play.

Above all, I am reminded of the importance to practice being.

This moment. This breath.


Amidst all of it, it can feel quite chaotic.

What comes next? What comes first?

I’ve been using the game of “Tower of Hanoi” as a powerful metaphor.

To move the piece on the bottom (e.g., a future dream project—laundry on the second floor), we must move these top, smaller pieces (e.g., a realistic next step or two that costs —laundry on the main floor, fix the floor, fix the wall, buy the washer/dryer, install them). The moves of these smaller pieces must happen first, and in succession, to prepare the way for moving the larger piece.

This again is imperfection amidst perfection.

The lessons here are of patience, and seeing the beauty that lies amidst the chaos.

The perfection amidst imperfection.

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