Keep it lighthearted.

Have fun writing, Mom. I had fun watching you write, Mom. – Everett, 4 y.o.

Sometimes, we need to be reminded of the joy in life. To keep it lighthearted. And to listen, truly listen to children. They are wise.

A writing practice I am focusing on is putting my priority project literally first. Each time I sit down to write, I give myself time to work on my priority project.

Yesterday I sat down with three projects and had only an hour. So I set a timer, wrote on my priority project for 30 minutes, then switched to my second priority project to finish out my writing time. I felt good and accomplished. I later rewarded myself – I was present with my family, I cooked nourishing meals, I reflected on life in my blog, and smiled. (Today I practiced this 30-minute routine again and felt so good about my progress!)

Laughter is good medicine for the soul, and comes from a lighthearted place in our awareness.

Smile, dance, and celebrate being alive.


2 thoughts on “Keep it lighthearted.

  1. What a wonderful way to see life…I am starting a writing project of my own. It is more a project for me…to see how my life evolves now that I am in my 50’s. A diary perhaps :0) Thank you Nicole for sharing…

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