Intention vs Expectation.

I have recently come to better understand the meaning of intention versus expectation. In yoga we practice a mantra of living a whole hearted life. To me this means living from you heart, and allowing your mind to be a reflection of your heart. It is in the heart that true intention lies. Intentions are rooted in the center of our being, close to the pureness or truth that we seek in introspection. They are personal to us and our own unique creation.

When we allow presence, our intentions become clearer.

In contrast, an expectation is something that we might think up, that is often linked to the external world. An expectation is something that we cannot control, as it does not lie within us, but is rather a worldly object that lies outside of us. We decide that this external object is to behave or operate in a certain way, and therefore create an expectation. While expectations may be thought up and unique to our own thinking minds, they are not often rooted in the pureness of our inner light.

How does this play out in our lives?

Today is a new day (and time to reclaim my life). Instead of living in a world of suffering, driven mainly by expectations, I choose to live in a world of wonder and joy, driven by intentions. Of course much of my wonderment is in the “next step” for my career. But really, this is a rather silly fixation (on some made-up expectation). For what do any of us really know about the “next step” in our journey in this life? All we know is the present moment. This is where we will find intentions, true clarity.

I seek for my thinking mind to be a reflection of my heart and true intentions. This mirrors the natural world in which the light of the moon reflects the light of the sun. In order to see light in this world we must be light in this world.

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