Writing is a roller coaster.

IMG_3743When talking with others about my writing lately, I spoke of this great clarity that I now had in how to re-structure the results of a manuscript I’m writing. Two days later, I’m back in the murkiness and ups and downs, back-and-forth, writing, re-writing, revising, and re-revising…

The lesson to be learned here is to ride the waves. Ride the highs and lows, and embrace the chaos of writing. From one writer to another:

“Learn to love revision” — quote not my own (See the “O” magazine May 2015)

A strategy I use for exploring a creative space is to create a new document. This gives me a blank canvas from which to explore my ideas in an uninhibited way. This is needed, just like an artist needs a blank page to sketch the form of a piece.

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